Tips For Taking Care Of Your Bowels

Our bowels and our entire digestive system as a whole is a vital part of our bodies that we need to take care of.  If we don’t take care of our bowels, they will start to act up on us and cause us major discomfort as well as the need for surgery.  One major issue that most people suffer from is Incontinence.  If you suffer from this, then you may have issues controlling your bladder as well as other bodily functions.  If you do, then some type of Incontinence treatment should be discussed with your doctor.  Until then, however, here are a few tips that you can use to lessen the problems you are having.


It all starts with your diet.  When you take in food your body will start to break it down and absorb the nutrients.  As we age our body will start to break down our food in different ways.  If we don’t’ take in the right food or even take in the food in a specific manner, our bodies will start to reject it which can result in bowel problems.

Time you eat

It is also very important that you monitor the time that you eat.  All of our bodies run on a biological clock.  This clock tells our body when specific functions are at their peak.  If you start to eat too early or too late, then our bodies will not process the food correctly and as a result start causing you additional problems.

Types of food

Incontinence treatment

When we are young we can eat anything.  This is because our digestive systems and bowels are young.  When we get older however, our bodies start to process foods differently.  For example, if you are young you might be able to eat spicy foods.  When you get older, your body might not accept them as well. 

Looking into these areas will be a great way to help you with your digestive systems.