Tools Needed To Paint A Room

Over time you will want to change up the look and feel of your home.  The dull colors on the walls and drab feeling you get by seeing the same thing day in and day out can really put a damper on your spirit.  However, doing tasks in your home can be time consuming, dangerous and just boring.  This is why many people turn to a handyman in columbus, oh to help with these projects.

One of the most basic projects is painting.  To paint your home or a room in your home you will need the following.

Paint brushes and rollers

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To start your painting project paint brushes will be used to cut into the tight spaces where the ceiling and floor meet up.  You will use several different types of paint brushes in your painting project such as a chisel brush to get a tight line at the top and bottom of the walls and a larger brush to block in areas under your cut in line. 

From there you will use rollers.  Different types of rollers will give you different results.  A textured roller will leave a subtle pattern of paint on your walls compared to a smooth roller.

Painting trays

You will need to have a place to pour your paint and use your roller.  A painting tray is good for this.  This tray is small enough to carry around and large enough to accommodate a full roller.  Make sure that you get tray liners as well to keep your trays clean.

Tarps and plastic

Now that you have the basic tools you want to have some protection.  You will want to get tarps and plastic that will cover the floor.  If paint falls from your tray or brushes, you don’t want it to get into your carpet.


Finally, you will need to pick out your paint.  You have a wide selection of colors and styles of paint to choose from.  Take your time, find paint chips that you can use to determine if your walls look good in that color and purchase small pints of paint to test the color on your walls.