Why A Massage Feels So Good Right Now

The writer is feeling kind of sleepy right now. But he is managing his work reasonably well, all things considered. So he is just going to finish typing up this message on behalf of his massage therapist in Bellevue WA and all those readers who have yet to pluck up the courage to go and make an appointment with her already. You need not be shy, there is no monkey business going on on her special massage table set up just for you.

You need not be afraid because she certainly will not bite. She will not make you sore either, in fact she could very well be a whole darn side better than going to the doctor who is only going to plough you with strong medication which may or may not work. Or give you a sharp jab that makes you go ouch! It is not going to happen on the massage therapist’s table. She has rather gentle, soft hands which you are surely going to love.

She is something of a miracle worker, to be sure. Because one moment you are in real pain. And the next moment you are pain free. Gone with the wind. In a matter of moments. The one moment this writer was really stressed out. The next moment he was feeling real sleepy. It is what happens when you are just so, so relaxed. It has nothing to do with drugs because his doctor already said it was never going to work.

massage therapist in Bellevue WA

Anti-depressants do not always work and there are those who say it could actually make the depression worse. It has nothing to do with a restless sleepless night in Bellevue. Because lately, this writer has been sleeping rather well indeed.